Welcome to Leora’s Attic


Thank you so much for visiting the Leora’s Attic website. This is my first blog post for our brand new personalised art gift website and I hope there’ll be plenty more to come! I’m Mira, Leora’s mummy, and I’ve been passionate about all things arty for as long as I can remember. From visits to galleries across the country and around the world (when I’ve been lucky enough to go!) to gaining a BA in Fine Art at Birmingham University, what seems like an age ago now.

When our little Leora came along back in November of 2017 I knew I wanted to create some bespoke art for her nursery and playroom. Water colour has always been my preferred medium, and so I set about creating a few special works of art over the next few months. As I shared my work on Instagram and Facebook (gotta love those social media sites) then I got some kind people asking me for requests of their own. Personalised art gifts for nurseries, kid’s bedrooms and playrooms. So, Leora’s Attic was born! It was lovely to be asked for many reasons, but for me the most important is that I hope to give every customer something they can treasure for many years to come.

The Process & Ideas

I take my inspiration from the animal kingdom with a fairy tale twist. I try to keep everything I do light and bright, so that my art really adds something to your chosen room, without taking over! Once I’ve found my inspiration I create a pencil sketch, then go over the outline with my artists pen, before heading for the water colours and creating my original work. I always hand draw and hand paint the original artwork before creating the prints, I think this gives my work that extra level of authenticity, and to me it just makes that gift stand out a little more.

I have created personalised gift paintings and prints that are perfect for couples, mum’s, dad’s, children, grandparents – just about anyone you can think of! I hope I’ll be creating something special for you next.

Why Personalised Gifts Are Great

I sell personalised original art and personalised print art which makes the perfect gift for people of all ages. The originals costs a little more, naturally, but the prints are at prices accessible to everyone (starting from £14 for A4 on a quality card stock). For me, the reason that personalised gifts are so great is that the recipient gets a present that is truly theirs, there’s nothing else like it, it’s truly a unique gift – just like them!

With personalised gifts you get to say exactly how you feel or get to create something that will be with that person for, hopefully, a long time, a custom gift to be treasured. I hope as you look through the website you’ll be inspired to create a bespoke artwork for you, for your family, for a friend, for a loved-one, remember if you don’t see exactly what you want on our shop page then get in touch with me@leoras.store and I’ll be happy to help you create the perfect art gift.

See you soon!

Mira x